8 Baby Products That Will Make Motherhood Easier

Baby Essentials | Diaper Bag | Motherhood Must Haves | Azaria | The Everyday Simple

Somedays the best way to describe motherhood is chaos. There is always someone that needs tending to, something that needs to be cleaned, someone that wants to be held, and probably someone puking. Motherhood requires a lot of stuff in order to be prepared for anything that could be thrown at you. No matter how hard you try to simplify, there is always more stuff around than you probably want. Let’s face it, children come with a lot of stuff.

Baby Essentials | Diaper Bag | Motherhood Must Haves | Azaria | The Everyday SimpleBaby Essentials | Diaper Bag | Motherhood Must Haves | Azaria | The Everyday Simple

Now, one would probably think that in having two children, the stuff would double. But honestly, I feel like it is the opposite. After the first child, there is a much better idea of what you actually need, and what is worth having around. There is definitely something to be said for simple yet practical pieces and products that help improve the family’s quality of life. Whether it is for convenience, efficiency, effectiveness, or beauty, there are definitely some products that no mother should go without.

I had a few people ask me if we wanted a shower before Jude was born, but I really didn’t see the point. It wasn’t that I didn’t want him to be celebrated, but just simply that there wasn’t much that we needed, and I really didn’t want excess. My focus this time with him was to have high quality items that were simple and would greatly improve our quality of life. Quality over quantity. Less is more.

Baby Essentials | Diaper Bag | Motherhood Must Haves | Azaria | The Everyday Simple

So this is my list of “must haves” for a baby. These are definitely items that are worth investing in, and will make life a little bit easier, giving you more time to just enjoy your family. There are some brands and products that are just killing it with their intentional thought when designing their products, and making items that make the day just a little less chaotic, and a little more manageable and beautiful.

Baby Essentials | Diaper Bag | Motherhood Must Haves | Azaria | The Everyday Simple

  1. Azaria Diaper Bag : This diaper bag is everything you need and more. With Shiloh I never had a diaper bag. I thought that a normal bag would suffice, and it worked, but I didn’t realize how wonderful a diaper bag actually was until now. The gorgeous minimal and simplistic design allows me to feel good while carrying it, and Josiah doesn’t mind carrying it either. It has the option to be a backpack or a messenger bag. It is like a Mary Poppins bag. It fits anything and everything you could need, without looking cumbersome. It has very well designed pocket to keep your stuff organized and easily accessible. I definitely think it is worth it to spend a little more on a good diaper bag that fits your needs. It is something you will use every single day, and something that can make or break an outing.
  2. Moses Basket and Stand : The perfect bassinet while your baby is still in your room. I love this one because it is so light and easy to move around the house, or even travel with it.
  3. Rock and Play : This is the perfect seat to let your baby rest in while you take a break, and it even does a continuous rocking on it’s own.
  4. Humidifier : Best thing to have in the baby’s room, or wherever they are sleeping. Humidifiers reduce the spread of viruses in the air as well as help regulate sinuses. Great if anyone is fighting a cold and struggling with congestion.
  5. Nose Freida : The only way to get the snot out of your tiny babe’s nasal passages. It’s kind of weird, but definitely worth it.
  6. Wildbird Sling : Best way to keep your baby close and snuggled while keeping your hands free. Especially with number two, this is an absolute necessity since there aren’t enough hands to go around sometimes.
  7. Muslin Quilt : We love these blankets. They are incredibly warm, soft, and a great size to grow with your child. We have one nice blanket for each of our kids, and then just a couple swaddles for emergencies.
  8. Diaper Pail : This is pretty self explanatory. Once those diapers start smelling, it is well worth it to have them confined in a pail conveniently located by the changing table.

Yes, there are other basics you need (burp cloths, bottles, etc.), but as for the pieces that will help you transition into your new stage of motherhood, these are the winners in my opinion, and as you can see, most of them are very affordable. And honestly, the few that are a little pricier are definitely worth the money.

Baby Essentials | Diaper Bag | Motherhood Must Haves | Azaria | The Everyday Simple

What are things that you couldn’t live without?

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