A Thank You Note

With Christmas over, decorations coming down, diets starting, and people moving into the New Year, new things are quickly approaching, and those of the past are fast forgotten. Moving past Christmas usually takes a pull up your boot strap attitude. Since it is such a busy, and hopefully joyful season full of parties, family, and gifts, it is a hard one to let go of when the time comes. 

Most of the time I think a zealous “move forward” attitude is a good thing. A good way to continue on, however, I think that with that attitude, sometimes important things are forgotten. Sometimes the little acts, that we should do, are lost in the midst of the transition from one season to another. And I think it’s safe to say that thanking one another is something we should never let ourselves forget.

When I was little I remember my mom sitting down with us after the holidays and helping us compile our thank you note list. This never felt like a chore, or even a task that had to be done, but more of another part of the holiday. The last part of Christmas. This is something that I have continued to do into my adult years, and I recognize the significance of it even more so now.


Taking the time to thank someone for their contribution is huge. Whether they made cookies, gave you a gift, or hosted a dinner, they are worth thanking. Creating time to sit down and write letters to these important people in your life will not only make them feel loved and important, but will also bring this year to an end in the best way possible. It will conclude the year and start the new one with what is most important. Valuing and making time for the people that we love the most.

So go buy some pretty stationary, make yourself a cup of coffee or cocoa, and spend a little bit of time reminiscing on the holiday and the ways that people loved you, so that you can love them back. And trust me, it doesn’t take much to show someone that you are thinking of them. Don’t overthink it and try to write a novel, just thank them.


Here are some of my favorite sets:

Rifle Paper Co: I love these because they are postcards, so they are short and sweet

Chalkboard: Love the handwritten quality to these, as well as the different languages

Unique: These are fun unique designs on every card

Embellished: These are gorgeous with simple designs and neutral colors

Classic: You can never go wrong with a simple thank you note. These are the most similar to the ones I bought this year.

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