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    30 Days of Habits: Gratitude

    Gratitude | 30 Days of Habits | Thankfulness | The Everyday Simple

    Yesterday wrapped up the first month of “30 Days of Habits.” If you are new around here and have no idea what I am talking about, you can read all about it here. But just a quick recap, at the beginning of October I began a “challenge” where every month I will be committing to a new habit for that month. Read more


    Planning a Party with Paperless Post


    With the holidays coming up, there are always parties to plan, and people to be in touch with. It also includes a lot of travel, planning ahead, and people being hard to get ahold of. I have always loved the practicality of e-vites, for these reasons. People always have their phones, which means they can get their emails anywhere and anytime these days. However, I never felt like e-vites had the same impact and intentionality as a paper invite. That is until I came across Paperless Post. Read more


    Creating a Gallery Wall

    Gallery Wall | Children's Decor | Girls Room | The Everyday Simple

    There is no better feeling than finally completing a room. I can finally say that Shiloh’s “big girl” room is finished. Back in the summer, we did the transition of rooms and  beds all at once in hopes to make it a little easier. (Here are some tips on how we transitioned from a crib to a bed.) Read more


    Simple Lives: The Women Who Create Them with Hailey Andresen

    Simple Lives | Hailey Andresen | The Everyday Simple

    There is something to be admired about simple lives. Not to be mistaken with boring or basic, but simple. Lives that are so full, but only full of things that are intentionally filling them. Lives that are mindful and allow people to do things that other people would see as impossible.

    Today I am sharing my first post of a new series called “Simple Lives: The Women Who Create Them.” Each month I am going to be highlighting a different woman that I admire for the life she leads. A life full of intentionality and simplicity. A life that she has created due to her desire for something more. More time, more space, more freedom, more control, etc.  Read more


    Pinecone Bird Feeders

    Pinecone Bird Feeders | The Everyday Simple

    One of our favorite things about our house is our backyard. Especially now that the weather is starting to cool off, and the mosquitos are retreating for the season, we spend the majority of our time out there.

    The yard is lined with trees, which in turn brings a lot of different birds to our yard, which brings a certain 2 year old a lot of entertainment. She loves to try to “get them,” and always seems disappointment when they “flew away” before she is able to get to them.  Read more


    How to Form Healthy Habits : 30 Days of Habits


    “We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.” – John Dryden

    I bet it’s safe to say that everyone has things in their life that they wish they did more of. Whether it is eating better, exercising, reading, investing in people, or even taking baths, we all have those things that we would love to have as healthy habits in our life.

    We want more of those things because we know they are good for us. We know that they will improve our life and be good for us in one way or another, yet it is so hard to adopt those habits and stick with them for the long run. Read more