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    Pinecone Bird Feeders

    Pinecone Bird Feeders | The Everyday Simple

    One of our favorite things about our house is our backyard. Especially now that the weather is starting to cool off, and the mosquitos are retreating for the season, we spend the majority of our time out there.

    The yard is lined with trees, which in turn brings a lot of different birds to our yard, which brings a certain 2 year old a lot of entertainment. She loves to try to “get them,” and always seems disappointment when they “flew away” before she is able to get to them.  Read more


    5 Favorite Parenting Resources

    Parenting Resources | Parenting Tips | Children | Expectations | The Everyday Simple

    “Mama, you were given these children. You—no one else. You were given these children because you are who they need. You have the soul to love them even on their hard days. You have the motivation and love to give to these children everything they need. You have the heart to wake up every morning and do it all over again, even when you are exhausted. You have the smile that they crave and the touch to make everything okay. You are their sunshine and their comfort. You are theirs, and they are yours, Mama. On the days you are questioning yourself, remember this…you’ve got this.” – Unknown Read more


    Surviving Pregnancy with a Toddler

    IMG_0619Pregnancy is a hard and confusing thing. Our bodies are changing daily, we are exhausted even if we do get a good night sleep, and for so many women, there are countless days, especially at the beginning, full of sickness and fatigue.

    Now, throw a toddler on top of that and it just amplifies the hardest parts. Forget about a good night sleep, forget about laying in bed all day if you are sick, and forget about being able to rest when your legs and body are begging you to. You have a little person to take care of and tend to, and rest isn’t really on the top of their priority list. Read more


    Why We Let our Toddler Watch TV


    When I was a little girl, there were two little cups and a bowl sitting beside the television. My sister and I both had a cup, and inside each of them were 4 quarters. Throughout the day, if we wanted to watch TV, we had to “pay” depending on what the show cost. If it was educational, it cost one quarter. If it was solely for entertainment it cost us two quarters. Also, hour long programs were double the cost. When the quarters were gone, so was our television time for the day. (Unless we all watched a movie together at night.) Read more