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“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf

One of the reasons that I started The Everyday Simple last year was because I wanted to inspire. I wanted to create a place where instead of feeling less than, people felt equal, understood, and inspired. A place where they saw the messiness of life, but also the beauty of it. Where they saw the mundane necessities of life, like cleaning, as well as the exciting lessons and opportunities of life.

The people that I really have a heart for are the women who feel like they can’t. The women who have dreams, ideas, and skills, but feel like they can’t pursue and move forward with them. The stay at home mom in the suburbs that has forgotten about the beautiful work she used to create. The young woman in the city that works a 70 hour week and doesn’t have time to bless people with her incredible voice. People that are so run down and overwhelmed by the “frantic leisure” of life that they don’t have the time or space to create anymore. They don’t have the capacity to turn inward and remember who they used to be, or see who they could be.

Today I want to begin something that inspires. Something that motivates, not just with words, but with examples. Every month I am going to highlight a creative. Someone who is doing something amazing, despite their circumstances or odds. Someone who is bringing out their creative side, and creating a new life for themselves because of it. It isn’t always going to be someone that is making living from it, but it could be a side hobby. It isn’t necessarily always going to be a product they are creating, but a way that they are creating something new in this world.

It could be a poet, writer, painter, song writer, clothing designer, repurposer. ANYTHING. There is no limit to what one can create, therefore ANYONE can be a creative. Our heart longs for it. Creating is one of the things that gives one the greatest sense of purpose. Because if it wasn’t for them createing it, the world would never have it. 

My hope in this is that you, as a reader, will find someone that you connect with. I understand that I am not going to speak into everyone’s lives every time I post, because we are all very different people with different lives and stories. However, that is why I am starting to bring more people, more voices, and more stories into The Everyday Simple. Because I know that who I can’t reach, someone else can. I know that if I can’t inspire you, someone else can, and I just want to have a platform to do that.


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