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Happy New Year, friends!

I love the beginning of the year and the fresh start that it gives us. It is a time to evaluate what we have, what we want, and what we are going to do in order to get there. Every year, we as a society make resolutions. However, every year only 8% of people actually keep them. We get lazy, bored, busy, lose motivation, and often fall back into the same habits as we had before.The problem with resolutions for me, is that I set all of these high expectations for myself, and then when I fail, I give up completely. “I won’t eat sugar at all,” and then I slip up, eat a cookie, and give up altogether. “I will exercise every single day,” until I don’t, and then it all feels like a lost cause. Great expectations without attainable steps are just cause for great disappointment. 

This year I decided that instead of setting all these resolutions for myself, and all of these high expectations, I will choose just one word to commit to living my life by. I have seen people doing this the past few years, and finally decided to jump on the bandwagon. The thing that I love most about this idea is the freedom in it. It is so hard to know what a year is going to bring, and what the season is going to look like, so sometimes having a resolution that fits within all of the changes throughout a year is near impossible. However, having a word that you strive to implement, can look as different as it needs to.

After thinking about what I want this year to look like, I decided upon the word progress. There is no doubt about the fact that this past year for us was hard. There were a lot of things in our life that were broken down. However, with that, it has given us this rare opportunity to rebuild. And not only rebuild, but build it better, stronger, smarter and lovelier. It gives us ample opportunity to progress to new stages, and better ourselves.

One of the benefits of choosing a word is that it isn’t adding anything to our already maxed out “to-do” lists. It is instead just acting as a guide for our decisions. I may not workout everyday and only eat healthy foods, but I can make small changes in our families diet and life style in order to make progress towards health. I may not be the most creative, patient, and perfect mother in the world, but I can challenge myself to be kinder and more understanding and make progress towards loving my children better. I may not build a huge business or gain a ton of followers on my blog, but I can make progress towards creating something valuable and lasting. I may not change my life this year, but I am for sure going to make progress forward as opposed to backwards. I am going to progress towards a better, healthier, fuller life.

 What’s something that you see as a theme running through your life? Something that you know you need to work on/need more of? Do you need to be braver? Do you need to be more curious? Do you need stability? Passion? Endurance? Find a word that speaks to you, point your focus towards that, and make choices this year that support that word. Choices that are going to put you closer to where you want to be in the long run. And if you do this consistently, there is no doubt that you are going to be one step closer to those “goals” and “resolutions” that you ultimately have for yourself.

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  • Reply Sarah Scott

    Progress. Such an inspiring calm word. There is no intensity like perfection, but it still spurs you on to a personal best.

    January 10, 2018 at 12:54 am
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