“Light” Banana Muffins


    When it comes to breakfast, there is nothing better than having an option that is healthy, nutritious, and easy. Since it is often the meal that is rushed, having something already prepared is ideal. These banana muffins are some of the best muffins I’ve ever made. Not only are they delicious, but they also are healthy and great to grab while walking out the door.  Read more


    Why I choose a clean house.

    Children make life messy. No matter how big or small, there never ceases to be oatmeal on the wall, leaves on the floor, or clutter in the living room.

    I’ve heard before that good moms have messy homes and happy kids. If I’m being completely honest, that statement has always bothered me, and I wasn’t sure why. I can see how that could hold truth, because why wouldn’t a child be happier if they had more time to spend with their parents? Why wouldn’t a child want a home that they could live in without the fear of always dirtying it?

    After much thought, I finally realized why that statement rubbed me the wrong way. It’s because I want a clean house, and I want a happy child. I love when things are in their place, and I can walk into a room without getting overwhelmed. I love when spaces are welcoming and clean, and I’m able to enjoy my time spent in them. If things are messy all the time, my mind is messy.

    There is nothing a parent wants more than for their child to be happy. Within reason of course. As long as it is healthy and safe in all regards for Shiloh, I want her to be happy, feel loved, and enjoy her days. I enjoy time with her more when my house is clean though. I am much more inclined to sit and read her story after story if there isn’t a stack of last night’s dishes in the sink, or unmade beds in all the rooms. In my home, a cleaner house leads to a happier life. 

    With that though, a balance has to be found. For me, it’s all about prioritizing what is the most important in the moment. What is going to make the biggest impact on our life. so, here is my solution.

    The simpler things are in your home, the easier it is to keep them under control.

    If you only have what you need, and everything has it’s place, it should be possible to have clean home without spending all of your precious time maintaining it. In our home, we try to only keep the things that we use on a regular basis, or just find lovely for one reason or another. We try not to hold onto things “just in case”, because the more cluttered our home is, the more cluttered the rest of our life is.


    By implementing this philosophy into our home, we have cut down on an enormous amount of stuff. We have created a nurturing yet open environment for our family to live, and allowed us all room and time to breathe.


    Meals for Friends

    There are so many different opportunities in life that warrant us helping one another out. One of the biggest ways that people tend to offer their help is in meals. Whether it is a new baby, someone is sick, or a tragedy in a family, people know that everyone has to eat, and removing that weight off of the family and bringing them a meal is one of the best ways to show your love and support.  Read more