New Column: Simply Ask


    Today I am really excited to announce a new column in The Everyday Simple called “Simply Ask.” This is going to be a space opened up to all of you. The focus here is you, and answering all of your questions. It will be an advice column of the sort.

    The only way this is going to work is if you submit your questions. Anything you can think of that you need help with, ask away. No question is a dumb question, and odds are, someone else has had the same question as you. You can ask anything about the home, motherhood, recipes, health, or self help. They can be as deep as you feel comfortable, or just practical questions. (All questions will be kept anonymous)

    The goal of this is to feel like you are coming into my home, sharing a cup of coffee, and we are talking about anything and everything in life. I want to find new ways everyday to bring value to your lives, and this is a way that you can let me know what will bring that value. What it is that you want to know more about, and what it is that you need help with.

    Now trust me, I don’t think I know all the answers, but I can commit to searching, researching, and taking the time to provide a quality and thought out answer to as many questions as possible.

    Throughout the month, you will have the opportunity to submit your questions either by email, at, or simply a DM on Instagram. Then, every month, I will choose a few questions, do the appropriate research, take the time, and answer them on here, just like an “ask” column in a newspaper or magazine.

    I feel like we all need more spaces to feel curious, understood, and informed, and I’m hoping that this will do a little bit of that for you. So take the time, and just “simply ask” a question today.

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    K.I.S.S. of the Week


    1. To Eat: The best, most nutritious, protein bars out there. Simple, straightforward ingredients. Buy them on Amazon here.
    2. To Know: Shiloh’s and my hair was constantly breaking and falling out, until we started using this. I promise you, it’s worth it.
    3. To Buy: This is the perfect party game.
    4. To Read: A 27 year old woman wrote this letter the day before she died. Helps to put things into perspective, and really bring light to what is important, and worth the worry.
    5. To Use: This ithermometer is a bluetooth patch that stays on your baby when they are sick. No more waking them up at 3 AM to take their temperature. It links syncs to your phone and alerts you if their temperature gets too high. Let all moms sleep better again.
    6. To Style: This rug is not only beautiful and perfect for any space, but it is also washable. Game changer right there.
    7. To Change: Never buy a movie ticket again. Use this, and for only $10 a month, you can see unlimited movies in the theaters.
    8. To Do: Send the cutest little surprise to those you love the most for only $5.
    9. To Drink: With loads of health benefits, this drink is dubbed as “Mother Nature’s sports drink.”
    10. To Download: Finally learn that second (or third) language that you’ve always wanted to know. On this app you can do it in a fun way, daily, with games and challenges.
    11. To Remember:  “At the end of the day it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished. It’s about who you’ve lifted up. Who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.” – Denzel Washington

    How to Automate Your Life

    Automating Life | Scheduling | Subscription Services | The Everyday Simple

    With life being as busy as it is, and yet our society being as innovative as ever, there is no reason why we shouldn’t automate many different areas of our life. Areas that don’t need our undivided attention, and that can basically run on their own, in order to provide more time for those areas that do need us, and more of us. Whether that be our personal development, relationships, or our health. Read more


    My Word For The Year


    Happy New Year, friends!

    I love the beginning of the year and the fresh start that it gives us. It is a time to evaluate what we have, what we want, and what we are going to do in order to get there. Every year, we as a society make resolutions. However, every year only 8% of people actually keep them. We get lazy, bored, busy, lose motivation, and often fall back into the same habits as we had before. Read more


    K.I.S.S. of the Week

    1. To Eat: One of my absolute favorite meals that was brought to us after Jude was born. So incredibly good. (She substituted goat cheese for nutritional yeast)
    2. To Know: According to Rotten Tomatoes, these are the Christmas movies you should be spending your time watching. (I bet you won’t be surprised as to what the #1 movie is)
    3. To Buy: This planner is something that everyone needs to start their year off right. It pretty much covers anything and everything that you can think of, and is bound to help you in more ways than one this year.
    4. To Read: This book is a memoir that answers the questions, why is life worth living? Such a good read.
    5. To Use: Organics brands, at prices you’ll love, and delivered straight to your door. Does it get any better than this?
    6. To Style: Absolutely love this sweater. Great staple piece, and can easily be dressed up or down.
    7. To Change: This year, try Paperless Post for your holiday “thank you” cards. Beautiful designs, simple, and incredibly convenient.
    8. To Do: Watch this Christmas movie. We all need something light and fun to lose ourselves in sometimes, and I’m not gonna lie, this one does the trick.
    9. To Drink: The simplest Sangria to please any crowd this holiday
    10. To Download: This app is my favorite devotional app. It has beautiful and intentional daily devotions on any topic you can think of. They are short and simple, so perfect for just those slices of time throughout the day.
    11. To Remember:  “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Theresa