Surviving Winter With a Toddler

    DSC_0472People always say that the days are long, and the years are short. I think they were especially talking about winter days with babies.

    Staying home with a little one can be difficult, especially in the winter time. When the weather is cold and you don’t want to make the effort to bundle, or the rain falling prevents a date to the park, everyone in the house can quickly become stir crazy. Read more


    Basket: How We Save Money


    With the New Year here, there are resolutions being made, and hopes of doing things a little better this time around. In 2017, one of the top 3 most common resolutions is to “make better financial decisions.” Whether that is saving for a house, a family vacation, or just having a cushion in the bank, it can be really challenging to save money. No matter how much we want to save and make better decisions, it is not always that easy. There has to be more than a will, there has to be an action. We have to be very intentional with the choices that we make everyday, and realize that even small savings will begin to add up and make a big difference. Read more


    A Thank You Note

    With Christmas over, decorations coming down, diets starting, and people moving into the New Year, new things are quickly approaching, and those of the past are fast forgotten. Moving past Christmas usually takes a pull up your boot strap attitude. Since it is such a busy, and hopefully joyful season full of parties, family, and gifts, it is a hard one to let go of when the time comes.  Read more


    The Everyday Simple

    The Everyday Simple


    Welcome, friends, to The Everyday Simple!

    The Everyday Simple emerged from an idea, more a dream, of everyone living a simpler life. A life more fulfilling and quiet. I want to help people to find their rhythm in the busyness of this thing called life. I want to help people learn how to simplify their lives, so that they can actually enjoy the lives they have. I want to break down barriers between simple and beautiful, expensive and affordable. I want to bring people together, solely for the reason that they have an area in their life that they want to change. Simplify. I don’t think any of us will look back in 20 years and say, “Man, I wish I hadn’t lived so simply.” Simple is not to be confused with boring. Simple is just the way in which we go about and attack this adventure called life.

    To those who have followed along with by Nicole George, thank you. Thank you for being with me since the beginning. My life has changed so much since I created that space, and have loved growing up there. However, I am so excited to be moving towards other things. Pushing myself and trying things I never even knew I wanted to do. This is still the same Nicole, with the same voice and heart, just a different focus.

    In addition to the launch of the blog, I am also offering my e-book A Quick Guide to Simplify Your Life Today for free! It focuses on 7 prominent areas of our lives, and gives applicable ways to take charge and bring simplicity back into them. Things that we practice in our home, and are tried and true. You can access this by either entering your email in the box below, or clicking on the title and following the prompts from there.

    I know that we cannot change the world, and there is no way to slow it down, but what we can change is how we choose to live in it. We have the power to choose not to let moments pass us by anymore because we are too busy. We can focus on the things we actually enjoy instead of the things we feel like we “have” to do.

    Let’s not let things pass us by anymore.


    How to Cozy Your Home

    Fall transitioning into winter is such a beautiful and warm time of year. I know that seems like an oxymoron, to say that Fall is a warm time of year, but I feel like between the activities, the feelings, and the joy, it just feels warm. It is the best time of year to be cozy in your home.  Read more