Comfort, style, and functionality.

That’s what I look for whenever I buy a pair of shoes. Gone are the years where I torment my feet by wearing shoes that leave me with blisters, or that pull off as soon as I walk through the door. When I was in high school, I would wear pointed stilettos about once a week to school just for the fun of it. Let me tell you, they were not comfortable, and I’m pretty sure I have permanent foot damage now because of it. The stupid things we do for fashion.

I don’t know if I’ve just wised up in my later years, or constantly having an additional 20 pounds on my hip has made my mindset switch, but all I can say is that I am never going back.

So ladies, I have a solution to all your feet problems. Tieks.


Tieks are in a league of their own. They are beautifully made with real Italian leather. They feel as if someone walked for 3 months in them to get them ready for when you slip your foot into them.  They are designed specifically for the purpose of function and flexibility from the tip of the toe to the bottom of the sole. Tieks have a split sole, which allows it to easily mold and flex with your foot, and allows you the most support with a natural bend.


Now, not only are they beautiful and comfortable, but they are honestly the most versatile shoes that I own. I can easily throw them on to take Shiloh to the park and run to the grocery store, or I can dress them up and wear them on date night. Less is more. Also, if you decide you want to give those pumps a try again, these little shoes fold right up inside themselves and easily fit in your purse so that you can pull them out when you’ve had enough.

I love companies that focus on creating quality products for everyday people. Products that bring value to people’s lives, even if that is just in the sense of cutting back on excess. Tieks has taken a common problem (too many uncomfortable shoes) and found a solution. They provide an incredible shoe that brings quality and versatility together. Women no longer have to have 5 different pairs of shoes in order to get through their day, but instead just one.


I think the more pieces that we can find to serve multiple purposes, the easier we make things on ourselves. No more worrying if we wore the right shoes for a spontaneous activity, or planning our day around our footwear. Shoes are supposed to improve the quality of our lives. They were created to protect our feet from the harsh landscape. Why not buy shoes that do that, instead of ones that bring their own set of aches and pains to our lives?


We all have enough things to worry about in our day, let’s not let shoes be one of them anymore. 


Photography by Samantha Brooks Photography.